Successes of the Revolution


Women's MarchThe third annual Womxn’s March took place on January 19th. There were marches all over the world!!  The largest local march was in Denver – 80,000 Marchers!!!







  • In Colorado, Democrats swept ALL the statewide races: Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, State Treasure, CU regent at large..That is HUGE!   In Colorado it wasn’t a blue wave it was a Blue Tsunami! 
  • The election of Jared Polis to the governorship, Jason Crow to Congress, Democrats to all three other constitutional offices — in addition to flipping the state Senate and holding the House — has turned Colorado bluer than it’s been since 1936.
  • Jason Crowe flipped a red seat blue by beating the previously unbeatable 5 term US congressman Mike Coffman by a comfortable margin.
  • While Karen McCormick, Diane Mitsch Bush and Stephany Spaulding lost their races for US Congress in traditional Republican strongholds, they out performed previous elections by tens of thousands of votes each playing a crucial role in helping the Dems sweep the other state races!
  • In the Colorado State Senate the Republicans previously held a one seat majority 18-17 (continually blocking Democratic bills) then came the Fab 5 (Rep. Jessie Danielson, Rep. Faith Winter, Sen. Kerry Donovan, Rep. Brittany Pettersen, and Tammy Story), five great women running to win back the majority…they all won! Democrats now have a 19-16 majority.
  • The Democrats now have a Colorado State Trifecta, controlling the Governorship, State Senate & State House (where the Dems also picked up several seats)
  • Passage of Amendments Y & Z. This is a game changing accomplishment for Colorado, creating a model that states all across the U.S. can follow to increase fairness and competitiveness in elections and to help get rid of gerrymandering!
  • As an added bonus – Gardner (and an unidentified CU Regent) Are Now The Lone Republicans Holding Statewide Office in Colorado

Celebrate this historic moment in Colorado politics!

AND Nationally, the average age of Congress will now be a DECADE younger, thanks to the fabulous candidates elected at the midterms!!

ALWAYS REMEMBER, there is really no such thing as “not voting.” If you do not cast a ballot, you are effectively “voting” to allow other people to make decisions for you without YOUR input.

If you don’t want the president described below, keep working to elect intelligent, inclusive, upstanding candidates!!

“I do try, and I always want to tell the truth. When I can, I tell the truth.” the president of the United States.

And don’t forget about healthcare, immigration, women’s rights, climate change, criminal justice, sane gun laws, dark money in campaign finance, voter suppression, gerrymandering, etc. Our newly elected Congress MUST work on these critical issues.

Call, write, tweet, facebook, text, show up and let your representatives know what is important to you!!