We are entering one of the most critical times in our nation’s history – INSIST, RESIST, PERSIST. 


JUNE 2019

ABORTION —————————-

R v W<– I remember vacationing in Montana in 1975 and seeing this on a postcard.

I thought it was really funny at the time.   No more. This is no laughing matter.

Women are being treated as though they are children; incapable of making decisions about their own bodies; their own lives.

Abortion is a horrific choice for a woman to have to make, but it happens because sex education of young people is insufficient, contraceptives are often expensive and/or difficult to obtain, clinics like Planned Parenthood – who provide health coverage & contraceptive education – are sometimes hundreds of miles away, Medicaid is not available in the states with the highest rate of abortion, adoption – especially for children of color – is practically non-existent & unwanted children often lead miserable lives.

Politicians – mostly men – who focus on the act of abortion, but not on ANY of the conditions that lead women to make that choice are amoral and should be VOTED OUT!!!  See ELECTING WOMEN below…

Alabama’s Biggest Newspapers Publish Essays By 200 Women On Abortion Ban

Alabama WomenAlabama Media Group newspapers devoted their Sunday editions to the voices of women because “a majority of men in the state legislature spoke for them.”  To hear their stories:  https://topics.al.com/tag/Reckon%20Voices%20of%20Women/

Donating to the Yellowhammer Fund, ARC-Southeast or the National Network of Abortion Funds will help provide women and families access to affordable reproductive care.

In Boulder County:

Boulder Valley Women’s Health Center

Boulder Abortion Clinic

Planned Parenthood – Boulder Health Center

In Colorado:

Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains

Color Latina 

NARAL  – Women’s Freedom Fund (a member of the National Network of Abortion Funds)

ELECT WOMEN ————————————-

Elect WomenThe disaster of state governments being controlled by anti-abortion zealots must be changed. See the difference having women in the majority can make by reading about the first female majority legislature in Nevada…

‘None of these bills would have seen the light of day’: The nation’s first majority-female legislature is making changes in Nevada

Since January, the male old guard in Carson City has been shaken up by the perspectives of female lawmakers. Bills prioritizing women’s health and safety have soared to the top of the agenda. Mounting reports of sexual harassment have led one male lawmaker to resign. And policy debates long dominated by men, including prison reform and gun safety, are yielding to female voices.  Read more »



HOW YOU CAN HELP!!  Here are two great organizations, Swing Left & Flippable, who have joined together to create a laser focused effort to elect progressive women (and men) at the state and national level:  https://blog.flippable.org/flippable-is-joining-the-swing-left-family-394259045881

Swing Left:  https://swingleft.org/

Flippable:  https://flippable.org/

GUN VIOLENCE ———————————–

I planned to write about the STEM school shooting this month, but so many other crazy things are happening and yesterday the Virginia Beach massacre stole the headlines. Electing legislators who truly care about gun safety is critical. Help where ever you can!!  The trauma never ends for the people impacted – Austin Eubanks, one of the students shot at Columbine 20 years ago, committed suicide just last week.

For more on gun violence in Colorado: Info on Colorado’s 20,669 gun deaths since 1980, explained in five charts (from the Colorado Sun – a great local journalistic resource).

MAY 2019

The Democratic Trifecta in Colorado accomplished a LOT this session. Click HERE to see the details!! To see an article on how the new laws will impact you, click HERE.


Top activists launch Supermajority to harness women’s political power

Three of the nation’s most influential activists are launching a group called Supermajority to harness women’s political power.

Details: The group is the creation of Cecile Richards, former head of Planned Parenthood; Alicia Garza, co-founder of Black Lives Matter; and Ai-jen Poo, executive director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance.

Show less
  • Supermajority, which describes itself as multiracial and intergenerational, has a goal of training and mobilizing 2 million women over the next year to become organizers and political leaders in their communities.

Why it matters: The effort comes at a moment when women have emerged as perhaps the most powerful force in politics.


AND…here is why it matters NOW!! If you know people who live in any of these locations, urge them to vote for candidates who will stand up for ALL people.

2019 Elections


APRIL 2019

2020 is coming soon, but APRIL is election day in MANY states…https://ballotpedia.org/April_2,_2019,_election_results. LOCAL ELECTIONS MATTER!!  See more on Colorado legislation below.

But first, the national insanity continues:

  1. The Barr non-report on the Mueller report…still hoping to see the real deal. Subpoenas are flying!!  For some clarification on what the Barr summary actually said (no conspiracy to commit – but not ‘no collusion’ – and ‘not exonerated’ on obstruction) read THIS.
  2. Trump is trying once AGAIN to demolish the Obama’ legacy ACA. The GOP is terrified of touching Obamacare…and they should be! The GOP healthcare plan looks like this: ‘                                                                                               ’. Death by a thousand cuts on the ACA have produced this:

$88 billion – The amount Americans borrowed to pay for health care last year, according to a new study. Also, 65 million adults say they had a health issue but didn’t seek treatment due to cost. Nearly a quarter had to cut back on personal spending to pay for health care or medicine.

  1. Security expert whistleblowers say ‘fake’ national security clearances endanger our national security.
  2. Inept appointees and lobbyists are running the government…especially at the EPA!!
  3. MexicoMore threats on the border…and now to cuts to aid for the ‘3 Mexican countries’ that actually improve conditions so that citizens can stay in their own country!!  Fox ‘News’ continues to be the propaganda arm of the Administration!
  4. I could go on, but better to talk about some good news on the home front…and proof that paying attention at the state and local level matters!! The Colorado Legislature has passed or intends to pass:
    1. More local control over oil & gas development / Representative appointees to the Oil & Gas Commission
    2. Comprehensive sex education (with parental op out)
    3. Full day kindergarten
    4. Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPO), also called the ‘red flag’ bill
    5. Enhanced registration / voting measures
    6. National Popular Vote – this one is controversial
    7. Improved Health care – transparency, drug prices, trials for public option
    8. Support for education – subsidies for teachers, training for principals, tax credits for teachers
    9. Improvements in affordable housing
    10. Ability to identify as an alternative gender
    11. And much more…HERE

Stay woke!!  It takes a LOT of energy just to deal with the day to day cruelty of the GOP. Paul Krugman calls this cruelty a pre-existing condition.

There is a lot going on in the Democratic Party to find candidates who will take on the GOP to elect progressives locally, keep the US House, win back the US Senate and defeat the president and his minions. LOTS of opportunities to support candidates by volunteering, texting, writing postcards, donating. Check out candidate websites for more information.

Several interesting donation opportunities to support whomever wins the Democratic presidential nomination…like Unify or Die.

MARCH 2019

Another TOTALLY insane month featuring the DC Reality Show!!

Thank goodness for the work you did to produce this:

SOTU 2019
SOTU 2019 – Women in White steal the show!!!  GOP – Men in Black

Women in WhiteSO PROUD!!!

16 Democratic Women Representatives
13 Republican Women Representatives

89 Democratic Women Representatives
13 Republican Women Representatives

In the Colorado Legislature: Already moving on laws for gun safety, fair wages, comprehensive sex education, oil & gas regulation, national popular vote…and more.

A few calendar items:


Write postcard to Sen. Gardner TO VOTE YES ON THE CASTRO RESOLUTION PASSED IN THE HOUSE.  It clearly states that Trump’s emergency declaration is terminated because there is no crisis on the border.

9 AM in the Frasier Meadows Assembly Room 4th Floor. Frasier Indivisibles will provide postcards and stamps. Bring a pen.

If you can’t make the postcard party, CALL Cory Gardner (855) 971-2329 OR email him at https://www.gardner.senate.gov/contact-cory/email-cory






As part of International Women’s Day activities (See March 8), Women Powering Change Wednesday, March 6th, 4:00-7:30 at EXDO in Denver.


World Denver is holding a luncheon and seminar.   Groups all over Colorado are holding events focusing on women during March 2-10.   If you have an even, contact Channel 4. They will put the event on their website calendar and promote it on their news programs.  More info here: https://worlddenver.org/International_Women_s_Day


OneWith the support of some of the world’s biggest environmental groups, tens of thousands of kids in at least two dozen countries and nearly 30 U.S. states plan to skip school to protest.

Their demands are uncompromising: Nations must commit to cutting fossil-fuel emissions in half in the next 10 years to avoid catastrophic global warming. And their message is firm: Kids are done waiting for adults to save their world.

The protests have really taken off in parts of Europe and Australia with hundreds of thousands of students striking in the past two months alone…now it comes to the US.

CO LegislatureFEBRUARY 2019













  • In Colorado, Democrats swept ALL the statewide races: Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, State Treasure, CU regent at large..That is HUGE!   In Colorado it wasn’t a blue wave it was a Blue Tsunami! 
  • The election of Jared Polis to the governorship, Jason Crow to Congress, Democrats to all three other constitutional offices — in addition to flipping the state Senate and holding the House — has turned Colorado bluer than it’s been since 1936.
  • Jason Crowe flipped a red seat blue by beating the previously unbeatable 5 term US congressman Mike Coffman by a comfortable margin.
  • While Karen McCormick, Diane Mitsch Bush and Stephany Spaulding lost their races for US Congress in traditional Republican strongholds, they out performed previous elections by tens of thousands of votes each playing a crucial role in helping the Dems sweep the other state races!
  • In the Colorado State Senate the Republicans previously held a one seat majority 18-17 (continually blocking Democratic bills) then came the Fab 5 (Rep. Jessie Danielson, Rep. Faith Winter, Sen. Kerry Donovan, Rep. Brittany Pettersen, and Tammy Story), five great women running to win back the majority…they all won! Democrats now have a 19-16 majority.
  • The Democrats now have a Colorado State Trifecta, controlling the Governorship, State Senate & State House (where the Dems also picked up several seats)
  • Passage of Amendments Y & Z. This is a game changing accomplishment for Colorado, creating a model that states all across the U.S. can follow to increase fairness and competitiveness in elections and to help get rid of gerrymandering!
  • As an added bonus – Gardner (and an unidentified CU Regent) Are Now The Lone Republicans Holding Statewide Office in Colorado

Celebrate this historic moment in Colorado politics!

AND Nationally, the average age of Congress will now be a DECADE younger, thanks to the fabulous candidates elected at the midterms!!

ALWAYS REMEMBER, there is really no such thing as “not voting.” If you do not cast a ballot, you are effectively “voting” to allow other people to make decisions for you without YOUR input.

If you don’t want the president described below, keep working to elect intelligent, inclusive, upstanding candidates!!

“I do try, and I always want to tell the truth. When I can, I tell the truth.” the president of the United States.

And don’t forget about healthcare, immigration, women’s rights, climate change, criminal justice, sane gun laws, dark money in campaign finance, voter suppression, gerrymandering, etc. Our newly elected Congress MUST work on these critical issues.

Call, write, tweet, facebook, text, show up and let your representatives know what is important to you!!

JUST IN CASE:  There are active discussions at the White House about firing Mueller and/or Rosenstein.  If this happens, hundreds of thousands of people will instantly rally at hundreds of Rapid Response actions organized by Nobody is Above the Law, a coalition of many groups, spearheaded by MoveOn.  See below to sign up for one of these events (they are occurring in Boulder, Denver, Longmont, and other CO locations).  If you choose to attend an event, you agree to engage in nonviolent, peaceful action, to act lawfully, and to strive to de-escalate any potential confrontations with those who may disagree with these values.

Hosted by Kenneth N. Geof C. Lani C. william C. Ira L. Bruce N. Wendy R. Katherine F. Pearl Street Mall, old Boulder County Courthouse, Boulder, CO 80302
1505 attendees
Trump is considering firing special counsel Robert Mueller. But nobody is above the law. If Trump fires Mueller, we need to be ready to assemble and express our opposition to this outrage. Sign up and be ready to assemble on short notice.

Sign up to Attend
Hosted by Kathy P. Jaymi D. Michael B. Ira C. Nancy M.
6th and Main, Longmont, CO 80501
433 attendees
Rapid Response! to protest Trump’s firing of special counsel.

Sign up to Attend
Hosted by Jessica Z. Katherine F.
Colorado State Capitol, Denver, CO 80203
4886 attendees

If Trump fires Mueller, we need to be ready to assemble and express our opposition to this outrage. The following are the red lines, which if crossed, could trigger the call for national actions, communicated by national partners to hosts: 1.) Firing Mueller 2.) Pardons of key witnesses 3.) Actions that would prevent the investigation from being conducted freely, such as replacing Mueller’s current supervisor, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, or repealing the regulations establishing the office. In the case of a Mueller firing, please assume the plan has been engaged and events will be triggered nationally. In the event of key pardons, a change in Rosenstein’s relationship to the investigation, or other scenarios, a national coalition will decide as rapidly as possible whether it believes the red line has been crossed sufficient to communicate a national call to action. In such cases, local hosts are encouraged to look for notice of national decisions from MoveOn in SMS and email, but to feel empowered to proceed locally as they see fit.

13 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi there, there is no town hall scheduled for tomorrow (February 23rd) with Representative KC Becker and Representative Edie Hooton. Please check kcbecker.org and click events for the most up to date town hall information.

  2. The 10:00 am April 1 rally in Boulder has been canceled in deference to the People’s Filibuster event at 10:00 am in Denver. The Tuesday noon April 4 event, usually at Skyline Park at Gardner’s office, will be a picket event at Michael Bennet’s Denver office (1127 Sherman St).

  3. Hi Cindy,

    Could you add this Protect Your Healthcare event?

    Protect Your Healthcare
    The ACA is still under attack.
    Come and learn from Colorado’s leading healthcare advocates
    Current threats to the ACA
    How this affects Coloradans
    How you can send an effective message to Congress

    Saturday May 6 from 1 pm to 3 pm.

    Meadows Branch, Boulder Public Library
    4800 Baseline Rd, Boulder, Colorado 80303

    For more details and to reserve a ticket, here’s the link to the event Facebook page


  4. This page shows the Longmont vigils continuing for quite a long time:

    #Resist: Longmont

    Longmont, CO
    137 Members

    Concerned about where the country is heading? You’re not alone. Join others who care about what’s happening to democracy, equality, human rights, social justice, sustainabilit…

    Next Meetup


    Saturday, May 6, 2017, 1:00 PM
    1 Attending

    Check out this Meetup Group →

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